Start Your Career: CDCP Training in Wisconsin

Do you want to give back to the community? Are you looking for a rewarding career that still offers work-life balance? Then, becoming a Certified Direct Care Professional (CDCP) may be your next career move. CDCPs help older adults and those living with disabilities live their best lives.


At WisCaregiver CDCP, we help caring individuals fast-track their health care careers with our free CDCP training program. Register today to start your career.


What is a Certified Direct Care Professional?


A Certified Direct Care Professional (CDCP) is a person who provides hands-on care, supervision, and emotional support to older adults and individuals with disabilities. You’ll help improve a person’s well-being and access to proper nutrition and other daily necessities.


Therefore, CDCPs are an incredibly important part of the health care community. They can work in various settings, including personal care agencies, non-medical in-home care, adult family homes, and community-based residential care facilities.



What Does a CDCP Do?


CDCPs provide high-quality direct patient care in the client’s home and community-based group settings. You’ll work with your client, their family, and medical professionals to provide effective treatment and care. Some of the roles of a CDCP may include:

  • Assist your clients with daily living tasks such as bathing, eating, and dressing
  • Provide companionship for your clients
    Document the daily progress and behavior of your clients
  • Administer medication
    Facilitate communication and movement
  • Respond to emergencies

For a CDCP, each day differs from the next—you’re constantly learning something new. Therefore, expect an adventurous career with new experiences and challenges.


How to Become a CDCP


We all want our lives to mean something and have an impact, however small. Therefore, becoming a CDCP is a dream come true. However, you’ll be required to complete a training program to become a certified direct care professional. At WisCaregiver CDCP, we offer a free CDCP training program that trains and rewards caring individuals like you. When you join our program, you receive free online training and certification testing.


Upon completing the program, you will receive CDCP certification and have your name added to the Wisconsin certified direct care professional registry. In addition, we also connect participants to employers and reward them with a $500 bonus for helping others.


Benefits of Becoming a CDCP


In the face of such high demand, Wisconsin is grappling with a severe shortage of care professionals. Therefore, becoming a CDCP not only helps you achieve job security but also:

  • Provides rewarding and meaningful work
  • Support flexible scheduling so you can enjoy a work-life balance
  • Results in skills that allow you to work in a wide variety of settings
  • Helps you step up the career ladder and make a difference
  • Offers many growth opportunities and career advancements, such as certified nurse aide (CNA), licensed practical nurse (LPN), or registered nurse (RN)
  • Connects you to others and builds friendships

Typically, becoming a CDCP is more than just an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the health care industry. You’ll also feel good knowing you’re making an impact on the lives of others. As such, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


Ready to Start a Rewarding Career? Contact WisCaregiver CDCP


With the growing need for health care professionals, becoming a CDCP is the perfect place to start. Entirely rewarding, becoming a CDCP also sets you up for unlimited future opportunities and growth into future positions.


At WisCaregiver Certified Direct Care Professional, we offer free hands-on training and access to a CDCP certification that opens pathways for health care career advancement. Within a short time, you can start making life better for your clients as you enjoy the many benefits we offer our participants. Contact us today to start this rewarding career.


Image Credit: Halfpoint, Shutterstock

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