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Join the in-demand caregiver workforce.
Free training. $500 bonus.

Discover your work and workplace options.

Are you ready to start a meaningful career in a field that’s always in demand? Have you been holding back your desire to help others because of the cost of training? Sign up today for training to become a certified direct care professional (CDCP). Once certified, your career path can take you in many new and rewarding directions.

Role of a certified direct care professional

The on-the-job role of a CDCP may include:

Workplace options of a certified direct care professional

Workplace opportunities for CDCPs include:

What do I do what my certification?

A CDCP designation will let you:

Learn more about the curriculum.


WisCaregiver Careers is a free, professional workforce advancement program that covers all training and testing costs. Plus, certified direct care professionals are eligible for a $500 bonus. 


Download the program fact sheet: English(PDF) | Hmong(PDF) | Spanish(PDF)

Becoming a certified direct care professional

Watch the video above to learn how the certified direct care professional (CDCP) program can help you start a career in health care.

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Learn more about how to become a certified direct care professional (CDCP) through WisCaregiver Careers. You’ll receive timely updates leading up to the program launch. Be among the first to become a certified direct care professional (CDCP) and earn your $500 bonus through WisCaregiver Careers.


If you are an agency or provider interested in participating in the WisCaregiver Careers CDCP program, please click here.

WisCaregiver Careers is a free professional workforce advancement program offered by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services  in partnership with the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay.

I f you have questions about th is program, please contact us.

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